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Case Study:

UK Lintels

uk lintels dot com

A Bit About UK Lintels

UK Lintels (Batavon) is one of the largest Catnic lintel and steel lintel distributors in the UK. For over 30 years, they have been offering same day and next day delivery of Catnic lintels and their own brand of galvanised lintels to anywhere across mainland UK. 


UK Lintels wanted to get the most out of their PPC Strategy using a professional team. They had some campaigns running in Google Ads but they weren’t performing well enough to make the business grow. Only 0.77% of the traffic that landed on the website converted to leads and, when it did, the cost was extravagant. Without Google Analytics, they were also finding it difficult to judge the performance of the website

The Audit

In order to raise the conversion rate and lower the cost per lead, SpiderGroup needed to find out UK Lintel’s place in the market and where improvements could be made in their ad and keyword strategy.

Our first action was to set up Google analytics to identify the website's strengths and how it was behaving in terms of conversion rate. We also carried out research into UK Lintel’s keywords and competitors and conducted an audit to dig into the existing ads account.

The Solution

With all the relevant information gathered, we started working on the new Google Ads strategy.

To gain more leads at a lower cost per lead, we created a new ad campaign structure, with new ad groups and ads based on the information provided by the keyword research.

To raise the conversion rate, we also decided to build a new landing page in HubSpot - fully optimised for Google Ads. Additionally, we added relevant keywords and removed low-quality keywords to make sure we were going to use the budget in an optimised way.

The Success

After 6 months, the amount of leads obtained increased by 753% compared to the previous performance and the cost per lead was reduced by 89.19%, positively impacting the ROI.

We continue to optimise the campaigns and run experiments to identify new opportunities.

The Outcome

In the six months since we started working with UK Lintels, we generated some fantastic results, with each of the different strategies adding more leads month on month.  

753% increase in monthly ppc conversions, 89% reductions in CPL, 947% improvement in PPC conversion rate

When I started working with the team at SpiderGroup, I wasn't expecting quite such a dramatic improvement in the results from the ads. It's made a huge difference to the business, and the team are continually testing and experimenting to make even more improvements. 

Grant Morris

Managing Director, UK Lintels

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways does digital marketing work?

There are several aspects. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your page is easily visible when searched for. Pay Per Click (PPC) covers the paid ads you run online, and social media and email helps you to communicate with your leads- a vital part of inbound methodology.

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