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Case Study:

Lead Generation Asset

The Challenge

Our client sits within the manufacturing and construction industries and operates across both the B2B and B2C context. Their services and products are entirely bespoke, with every job being unique. This meant that providing detailed information, specific enough for any of their target consumers to find useful, presented a challenge. 

What We Did

We created a downloadable asset that would provide our client's customers with enough value they would leave their email address to download it. Alongside the asset, we created a compelling landing page to encourage downloads. 

We then developed workflows to trigger tasks and emails based on download behaviour and started the nurture process to turn these leads to deals.

In the first 3 weeks after the asset went live, we saw a 76% increase in leads, of which 35% have moved directly into the sales pipeline.

76% More Leads

Compared to before the asset was on the website

What We Learned

Because our clients use HubSpot, we could see the impact of the new asset on individual behaviour patterns. We saw visitors who had been browsing the website on and off for weeks finally convert, and make their way to becoming qualified leads, almost as soon as the asset went live. 

We can see how much of an impact having the right information on the website can have, and how highly-valuable content can boost lead generation directly. 

For businesses where specificity is a challenge, creating a comprehensive asset that provides in-depth information can massively affect lead generation. In this case, having the item be downloadable with an email address ensured that the leads were already pre-qualified. 

Highly relevant, high quality leads

35% leads have associated deals in the pipeline

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