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Case Study:

Noco Hair


Increasing monthly revenue by over 60%



NOCO Hair, a multi award winning salon based in Bristol, started working with us during the pandemic in winter 2020. They had taken a significant hit over the course of several lockdowns, including a number of forced closures.

They knew that they needed to invest heavily in digital marketing to ensure that, as soon as they were legally and safely allowed to reopen, they would do so hitting the ground running. This would allow them to cement their reputation as a top hair dressing brand in Bristol and beyond.

Stylist drying hair of a female client at the beauty salon

The Challenges


When we started working with NOCO, their organic traffic was extremely low, and they were only ranking for branded keywords. This meant that all their traffic was coming from people who already knew who they were, as opposed to people looking for a hairdresser in Bristol. This was both bad for brand awareness and for generating new customers.

Unfortunately the pandemic meant that people's lifestyles had changed, and people had become used to not regularly seeing a hairdresser, and NOCO's most valuable clients are those that habitually visit their stylist every 6-8 weeks. It was a high priority to ensure that customers were nurtured back into their routines and not allowed to slip through the gaps.

Additionally, NOCO couldn’t see which efforts were providing them ROI within their marketing strategy. This made budgeting decisions difficult. It was also difficult for them to segment their database and identify trends within their clients to provide more personalised marketing.


The Solution

SEO Optimised Content Plan

Using optimised content across the website and blog meant NOCO started ranking higher for more non-branded keywords.
Currently, Noco are consistently ranking top of the Google results page when you search for hairdressing services in Bristol.
They have also seen a 201% increase in organic sessions since beginning of the engagement.

Automated Email Campaigns

Email automations have been fundamental in nurturing NOCO clients, increasing conversion rates of emails, and building strong and long lasting customer relationships.

These emails can be triggered by certain time periods lapsing to either remind clients to book their next appointment, to send targeted birthday offers, and to re-engage them with Noco's website if they’ve been browsing but failed to book.

Segmented Noco's Database

Noco gathered customer data through the use of a loyalty scheme. Once we had this data we were able to segment their database by hair lengths, colouring preferences and visit frequency.

This customer data allowed us to send their clients thoroughly personalised and creative content and enrol them in email marketing automations and sequences that are highly relevant to them.

Google PPC Campaigns

To attract new clients to their website site and increase website conversions (bookings), we set up a number of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, bidding on both branded and non- branded keywords.

We also incorporated re-targeting campaigns to ensure that NOCO was at the forefront of searches whilst maintaining a low budget.

Retargeting Google Ads

We created and implemented Google Ads specifically designed to target those who had visited the website in the last 7 days.

This strategy allowed us to turn users that previously interacted with the business into conversions. We used all available Google placements such as YouTube, Gmail, Search Results, and Display.

Social Media Ads

Due to the nature of the hair and beauty industry we created a number of Facebook and Instagram advertisements, and combined this with promotional offers to attract new clients.

These were key to delivering new leads, increasing brand awareness and engaging existing clients with creative content.

Having SpiderGroup in our corner is amazing. They’ve taken a lot of the leg work out of it but amplified it at the same time so I can concentrate on what I do the best. We’ve had some really big challenges over the past year but now we have SpiderGroup on board it really helps. In a way it’s not logical to spend money right now, we’ve gone the opposite and invested in marketing.

I would thoroughly recommend SpiderGroup, they’ve been fantastic. Onboarding has been amazing, test and measure has been amazing, the honesty that comes back in the reports is great and the results have been better than we could have ever expected.

Noel Halligan - Owner and Founder
Noco Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How does digital marketing work?

There are several aspects. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your page is easily visible when searched for. Pay Per Click (PPC) covers the paid ads you run online, and social media and email helps you to communicate with your leads- a vital part of inbound methodology.

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