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About Us

Learn more about SpiderDigital and meet our fantastic team 

Who are SpiderDigital?

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SpiderDigital is a SpiderGroup company - we work closely with the rest of the Group, but we moved out and got our own place so we can better showcase the work we do. 

We're a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency, a proud member of the Bristol Business scene, and a team of talented individuals that's greater than the sum of its parts. 

We work with ambitious businesses that're looking for data-driven, strategic inbound marketing - we're all about the numbers and the bottom line, after all. 

Our Mission

Inspired. Connected. Empowered.

 This mantra is the key to everything SpiderDigital.

It's how we want each one of our clients to feel while working with us, and forms the backbone of our company values.

What does it mean to you?

Meet the team...

Looking for our SpiderTech team? You can find the rest of SpiderGroup here...

Vicki Cook
Vicki's the one with the knowledge - she keeps everything running across the Group. 
Alejandro Mateu
Digital Marketing Specialist

With nearly 10 years in the game, Alejandro is a whiz at all things SEO and our paid search expert. He's behind the massive gains we've achieved in client PPC campaigns.

Lizzie Corcoran
Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Armed with a background of successful SEO and CRM projects under her belt, Lizzie makes sure you're number one with both Google and your customers.

James Cook

James started SpiderGroup over 18 years ago and has been building our services and skills ever since.

Hazel Jeffs
Marketing Executive

Our content connoisseur - Hazel has a way with words, and uses her technical know-how to make sure Google appreciates your brand-led copy as much as you do!

Bobbi Seymour
Marketing Assistant

Passionate and dedicated to supporting our clients, Bobbi is just starting out in her marketing career and excited to use her fresh ideas to assist the Digital Team.


We're consistent and provide customer-focused exceptional service.


We take responsibility and fulfil our promises.


We embrace change and are constantly seeking new opportunities.


We're consistent and provide customer-focused exceptional service


We invest in our people and build strong teams.


We encourage others and welcome feedback from all.

Having SpiderGroup in our corner is amazing... The results have been better than we could ever have expected!

 Noel, Creative Director


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