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Case Study:

Automation and Personalisation

The Challenge

We wanted to increase the engagement one of our clients was getting for their email marketing. 

Originally, the entire userbase would receive two newsletter-style emails per month. These weren't personalised, beyond including the recipient's name in the email and subject line.

All of the metrics for assessing the effectiveness of the emails - open, click, and click-through rates - were lower than we would like. 


What We Did

We started by segmenting the userbase, based on timescales as part of their user journey. We set up new properties and data capture in HubSpot that would store and update this information. 

We designed and developed a series of highly specific and targeted emails, that would be triggered through an automated workflow when users met the preselected criteria. 

The new emails contained extremely relevant, timely, and valuable information for the recipients, personalised to their specific stage in their journey. 

It's no secret that personalisation is a key factor in engagement, and we saw the results that back this up. 

1100% increase in Click Through Rate

The Results

The new set of automated emails, significantly outperformed their predecessors, across all metrics. 

The Open Rate increased from 16% to 46% (prior to the iOS15 update making open rates less reliable). 

The Click Rate (proportion of all recipients receiving the email clicking on a link) increased from 0.18% to 7%.

The Clickthrough Rate (proportion of people who opened the email clicking on a link) increased from 1% to 12%.

These results absolutely highlight the effectiveness of personalisation in email marketing. In this particular case, replacing newsletter-style emails with emails directly linked to the recipients' experiences and journey massively ramped up engagement. 


3789% increase in Click Rate

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