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Social Media Marketing

As social media becomes an increasingly powerful tool, your business needs a well-managed social media presence.

The number of social media followers are growing daily, and if you’re not present, you’ll be missing out on gaining potential new customers and your competitors on social media will be engaging with your prospects.

At SpiderDigital, we help you achieve your overarching business goals through organic and paid Social Media Marketing.

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Find your audience and get your business noticed

Social media can be time consuming and challenging – the trick is only using the right platforms for your business, and not wasting time on channels that your audience isn’t present or engaged with.

Your potential customers use social media channels to vent frustration, show praise for a great service or product or share a story. If you’re there to respond to that, it’s a win-win situation.


Targeted and tactical Social Media Strategy

With a tailored social media strategy, SpiderDigital can ensure you’re getting involved in the online conversations your customers are having.

A well-managed social media presence can encourage potential customers through the sales funnel, increasing both your online presence and your profitability.

Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn help brands to connect with huge audiences and manage customer relationships at scale.  Building up your following on the right platforms is usually step one – if no one is around to see what you say, you won’t get much benefit from saying it, after all.

Once you’re there, we’ll put together a targeted plan, using both organic and paid social media marketing opportunities to make sure you’re in the right places with the right content.


Why SpiderDigital?

At SpiderDigital, we get to know your business goals and industry through a discovery meeting at our offices in Bristol, or we can come to you if it's easier. This will help us to understand your tone of voice and brand image.

Our paid media specialists will then create paid social media campaigns to build your engagement and sales through cost effective paid promotion. We’ll also set up and maintain your social media accounts, with tools to help schedule and monitor posts, clicks, conversions and engagement rate. We can even answer enquiries that come through your channels and keep on top of general engagement to make sure your business profile grows with you. 

With regular reporting and contact along the way, we’ll always ensure our social media management strategy and campaigns are in line with your overall marketing objectives to guarantee that return on investment.

What we offer

Organic Social

Tailored organic strategies for business social media use. Let us help you to post content across your social channels which grows your influence, increases your subject authority and brings new visitors to your site. 

Paid Social

Post targeted advertising on social platforms, utilising text, images, video and galleries. Precisely target your key demographics during the times they're most likely to click and buy. Find out more about our Pay Per Click services.
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What goes into a successful Social Media strategy

The first thing is to remember not to try and do everything all at once. After that, the elements of a successful social media campaign include:

  • Researching and targeting audience
  • Sticking to the channels you can manage
  • Avoiding using it as a broadcast tool only for your business



  • Engaging with conversations
  • Using relevant hashtags
  • Only jumping on trends if they’re applicable
  • Sharing useful content



Request a call back

What to expect from a chat with us

At SpiderDigital, we only work with businesses we know we can help.

So, we'll spend some time with you to start with, just to find out if this is the right conversation to be having. 

Then we'll arrange a more in-depth discussion, a deeper dive into your goals and ambitions, to work out how best to get you there. We use a proprietary method of working backwards from your goals, right up the funnel, to identify the tactics and techniques we'd need to use to accelerate your success. 

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