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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to communicate with existing clients and connect with new ones.

With the right inbound strategy in place, supported by a comprehensive CRM system, we can help you include email marketing to improve client relations and nurture existing leads through to a sale.

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Nurture leads and customer relationships

Segmented email campaigns allow you to talk to your audience about the things that really matter to them. We can help you identify the best ways to target different areas of your database with highly targeted messaging.


Tailored Email Strategy

Have you ever felt like the thousands of marketing emails and newsletters you send have no impact whatsoever?

You can see your valued customers opening and clicking the links, but no reply or sale? Perhaps a small tweak can make a massive change for you. Email marketing is an opportunity to keep your existing customers up to date and up-sell with loyal customer offers and promotions.

Or if its new business you’re after, adopt a lead generation campaign to grow your client base and nurture your potential leads, increasing the probability of a sale.

At SpiderDigital, our email marketing experts will create a customised email campaign to really make you stand out from your competitors, using high quality designs that reflect your existing branding to ensure you retain and increase your customer base.


Why SpiderDigital?

Whatever your industry or business size, we can curate the email marketing strategy for your end goal. Once we get started, we’ll see an increase in long term customer happiness and retention (which leads to customer referrals) as well as increasing brand loyalty, and nurturing leads.

To get to know your business objectives, we'll typically hold a discovery meeting at our offices in Bristol, so we can get to know the ins and outs of your goals for effective email campaign planning.

We're a Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency and we work with ambitious businesses that are looking for data-driven, strategic email marketing - we're all about the numbers and the bottom line, after all. 


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Email marketing strategy boosts click through rate by 1100%

It's no secret that personalisation is a key factor in engagement, and we saw the results that back this up. The new set of automated and personalised emails we created for our client, significantly outperformed their predecessors, across all metrics. 

Head to our case study to find out how.

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What goes into a successful Email Marketing strategy

Sending emails is nice, but obviously there needs to be a point to it. Once we have a goal in mind, there are a few things that need to be part of your strategy:

  • Consistency
  • Brand alignment
  • Clear CTAs
  • Useful, purposeful messages



  • Regular but not too frequent emails
  • Keeping database clean
  • Following GDPR and other regulations
  • A/B testing



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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use for email marketing?

HubSpot has a great email marketing platform that provides an easy and effective base for your communications. 

 We use HubSpot to integrate your emails with your contact database and other marketing campaigns for a more holistic experience. You can easily automate, segment, create mailing lists and schedule emails. HubSpot will also provide you with some great data on how well your emails have performed so you can always work on testing, measuring and improving. 


Can you help me expand my email marketing list?


Mailing lists naturally degrade over time, and it's easy to find yourself with your contacts dwindling.

Contacts can be regained through creating new lead-generation offers in which you can trade your content for contact details and engagement from leads. 


What is segmentation and why do I need it?

Segmentation is the dividing of your contact list into smaller segments, based on set criteria. This might include their purchase history, actions on your site, geographical location, or stage in the buyer's journey.

It helps to personalise your communications to ensure your emails are always seen as relevant to your subscribers, rather than sending out a mass message for a general collective.

This means the reader is more likely to take action and engage with you.

How often should I send emails?

It's important to find the right balance when it comes to emailing. As emails can serve many different purposes it’s super dependent on your business function and prospect needs. You want to stay present in your contacts' inbox but sending too many could cause them to unsubscribe. Using segmentation and sending highly personalised emails is a great way to use engaging content to see strong results. 

Other email good practice would be to send an email as a response to a contact completing a significant action, such as subscribing to your newsletters, leaving feedback, or purchasing a product.  


Sending an email once a month with any updates or new promotions is a good start to stay engaging.  

Can I buy email contacts?

We all want to grow our mailing lists, but you should never buy your contacts. 

The quality of your email recipients is far more valuable than the quantity. If you buy contacts, you risk increasing your bounce rate- this means unengaged or unavailable contacts can't be interacted with, and your email risks being blocked entirely.

If you become flagged as a spammer, it can have a serious impact on your email marketing performance and ability to communicate with leads.

Does email marketing increase sales?

Yes! Email marketing has remained a popular marketing channel for good reason.

Utilising good email marketing can significantly improve return on investment. Email marketing is not only one of the most cost-effective tools to increase revenue, but it's also adaptable to many different needs.

It's been found that consumers will spend 138% more from email marketing, when compared to consumers who don’t receive email offers!


What do your emails look like?

Each email is fully customisable for your personal needs and preferences. We can use your brand colours, fonts, logos, images and more for fully personalised communications.

We will always ensure that your emails are sleek, professional, functional, and aim to fulfil your goals. 

If you'd like to see some examples, you can contact us here.

What to expect from a chat with us

At SpiderDigital, we only work with businesses we know we can help.

So, we'll spend some time with you to start with, just to find out if this is the right conversation to be having. 

Then we'll arrange a more in-depth discussion, a deeper dive into your goals and ambitions, to work out how best to get you there. We use a proprietary method of working backwards from your goals, right up the funnel, to identify the tactics and techniques we'd need to use to accelerate your success. 

Are you ready to reach out to your customers?