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SpiderDigital Acquires Noisy Little Monkey

SpiderDigital Acquires Noisy Little Monkey:
Ensuring Seamless Continuity and Enhanced Services

Bristol, UK, 2023 - In a significant development in the digital marketing sector, SpiderDigital is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of Noisy Little Monkey, effective immediately. This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Noisy Little Monkey, a company founded by respected individuals Nic and Jon 14 years ago, as they explore new opportunities. 

This acquisition holds promising prospects for both organisations, known for their innovative solutions and steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. This transition will be executed smoothly for Noisy Little Monkey's valued clients, who will continue to work with the same trusted team. 

Jon, Founder of Noisy Little Monkey, commented, "The decision to entrust SpiderDigital with our legacy was straightforward. Our shared values and commitment to excellence will elevate our client services." 

Under the leadership of SpiderDigital's Vicki and James, clients can expect uninterrupted service, maintaining the high standards of quality, innovation, and integrity they have come to expect. This acquisition capitalises on the strengths of both agencies, enhancing SpiderDigital's service offerings. 

Vicki, CEO of SpiderDigital, expressed, "We are pleased to welcome the skilled Noisy Little Monkey team. Together, we will continue to innovate marketing solutions that exceed expectations and deliver tangible results." 

As SpiderDigital embarks on this new chapter, we reiterate our commitment to empowering clients through results-oriented digital marketing. This partnership lays the foundation for further success in the future. The outlook is bright.  

For media inquiries, contact: Georgia Deery, Marketing Manager Georgia.deery@spidergroup.co.uk 

About Noisy Little Monkey: Noisy Little Monkey is an award-winning digital marketing agency and Platinum HubSpot partner renowned for achieving measurable results for clients through innovation and creativity. They have been dedicated to assisting businesses in growing website traffic, generating qualified leads and nurturing them through to close. 

About SpiderDigital: SpiderDigital is an industry-leading digital marketing agency with a steadfast focus on client satisfaction, delivered through strategic solutions and exceptional service. At SpiderDigital, a SpiderGroup company, we accelerate business growth through results-driven inbound and digital marketing. As HubSpot Platinum partners, we leverage the industry's most powerful marketing platform combined with our proven methodology and digital marketing expertise to generate more leads, boost conversions, and increase sales for our clients. 


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