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HubSpot Launches EU Data Centre

One question people ask when it comes to HubSpot is "where is my data stored"?

Well, today, HubSpot have launched their first regional data centre, in Europe. The aim is for EMEA customers and future customers to have in-region data storage for reassurance. 

What does this mean?

In terms of how to get set up with this, check out the next section. But in general terms, what it means is that your data will be stored in a data centre located in the EU. This is a great step for any businesses who're concerned about hosting in the US, for regulatory reasons or otherwise. 

The other key benefit of this will be improved latency and reliability for customers who're far from the US. The further away from a data centre, the longer it takes to load your data. This new data centre will improve that speed for customers nearer t

How do I get my data into HubSpot EU?

New HubSpot customers will be eligible to use the EU data centre from July 2021. 

Existing customers will have to wait a little longer. HubSpot are building the ability to migrate existing data as seamlessly as possible, so the EU data centre will be available in 2022. 

Why are HubSpot doing this?

Customers in Europe have been asking for regional data storage for a number of years. As regulations continue to change across the world, the importance of these requests has increased. This change should make customers in Europe, or who do business in Europe, to feel more comfortable. 

Prospects who have been considering HubSpot have sometimes been put off by the lack of regional data storage, choosing not to use an American data centre for a variety of reasons. Making this change allows HubSpot to appeal to more people, by providing the type of service they're looking for. 

Will there be more regional data centres?

At the moment, HubSpot haven't released any plans to add further regional centres - their statement is simply that they don't, at present, have any immediate plans for additional data centres. Whether that will change in the future is something we can't predict.

Will there be different terms and conditions?

HubSpot have released a Terms and Regional Data Hosting Policy - you can find out all the specifics here. 

Transfers of customer data from the EU to the US are still covered by the Standard Contractual Clauses in the HubSpot Data Processing Agreement, and it's worth refreshing yourself on this one. 

What do I need to do?

Right now, you don't need to do anything. If you're an existing HubSpot customer, it won't be until next year that the migration is available. If you're planning on becoming a new customer, you should talk with a Partner (like us) or your direct sales contact at HubSpot to find out how these changes affect you personally. 

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