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How a Digital Marketing Agency can help Expand your Business

Growing your business means you must have more. More customers, more sales, and most importantly, more marketing.

But modern-day marketing has evolved. Decades ago, businesses could flourish simply through traditional print advertising and word of mouth marketing. Today, your online presence is a critical factor for the success of your business. 

Digital marketing is the future of business growth. Small businesses and large companies alike utilise these practices to scale businesses. And those who don’t adapt to new technologies get left behind. 

Now, almost everyone does their researching and buying online, which makes it the best time to focus on your digital channels. 

Although digital marketing can be done without the help of an agency, the benefits of working with one can outweigh your independent efforts. It can be difficult to oversee the growth of your business while assuring that your marketing is executed properly. Learn more about outsourcing your digital marketing here.

Additionally, working with an agency allows you to focus on other strategic parts of business growth. They can do more than simply reach your audience—they contribute to how you grow your business.

Here’s how your business can benefit…

Generating leads

Creating your website is not the be all end all of digital marketing. Simply existing online will not drive traffic unless coupled with strategies such as content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing. In order to gain leads for your business, you need to provide value in order to attract your audience. In between managing your existing customers and handling new ones, it can be difficult to find the time to create value.

A core focus of digital marketing agencies is to create a steady and reliable flow of traffic to your website. They produce content which provides value to your customers, which then turn that traffic into leads. Nurture these leads, and these leads will convert into paying customers.

Improving the quality of your traffic

Even if you can find time to create content and reach out to your audience, there’s still no assurance that the traffic you’re attracting is relevant or that they can be converted into leads. Large volumes of traffic will not amount to anything if they can’t ultimately result in sales.

One of the key objectives of digital marketing agencies is to ensure that your business is receiving quality traffic—those can be converted. Part of their job is to maintain your ranking on search engines such as Google. This way, those who are looking for your product or service will be able to find you with ease.

Additionally, agencies can provide quality website content that provides valuable information to your readers. Checks, reports, and maintenance of their SEO efforts are conducted regularly to make sure they’re always on track.

Engagement with targeted audiences

Once you’ve reached your targeted audience, you then must guide them throughout the customer lifecycle. From the top-funnel content you need to deliver to converting them into paying customers, each stage needs constant communication and engagement. While it can be easy to maintain a few of them, it will be difficult once your business is expanding.

Digital agencies provide great help this area. They can keep your audience engaged and guided throughout their journey. Through a series of sequences and workflows, agencies can keep your audience engaged with relevant content that provides solutions to their pain points.

Once your leads are engaging with high-level activities, your agency will know if they are ready for your sales team. Those who aren’t as engaged will be nurtured further until they can be considered as sales qualified leads. In sum, you can get help with identifying what your leads want, when they want it, and what to do next to turn them into paying customers.

Using email for highly targeted communications

Email remains to be the most effective tool in terms of targeted communication. It provides direct access to engage with your audience which also gives them the chance to respond. But in order to use it effectively, you need to craft effective and consistent content to deliver. Having numerous clients becomes difficult, especially when each has varying wants and needs. And writing personalised emails for every one of them can’t be possible while simultaneously running a business. But digital marketing agencies have the process to help your business.

Through automation and other marketing tools, digital marketing agencies can target your audience and nurture them. Agencies understand your audience’s behaviour, their needs, and how they can be converted through email marketing. They understand the best practices and make your business stand out in their inbox. Additionally, automation ensures that no lead falls through the cracks.

Additionally, digital marketing agencies are more proficient when it comes to A/B testing email campaigns, which makes it more effective and cost-efficient to improve your customer relationship.

Focusing on growth metrics not vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are those that may appear to the show success of your marketing efforts but aren’t actionable or cannot be used in a meaningful way. If you’re independently doing your digital marketing, it could hinder your progress towards improving your strategies. As a business owner, there will be a cloud of judgment that your efforts are actually doing good, but in reality are simply surface level data. For example, you may have 20000 contacts in your database, which diminishes your efforts to acquire more. But if that number does not represent the active and legitimate contacts that can be converted, it’s simply vanity metrics.

Digital marketing agencies can focus on metrics that are useful and helpful for your business. They analyse data and focus on metrics that make the difference for your marketing campaigns. Depending on your goal, they can track and monitor metrics to create plans to achieve those goals. By understanding your total number of site visits, conversion rate, email opens, bounce rates, costs per lead, and other important metrics, they create sound and effective strategies that impact your business.

Brand consistency and customer loyalty

The key to consistent branding is to reach your audience at the right time with the right message, and to always be in consideration whenever your brand is relevant to the conversation. Together with this, your customers and leads pay attention to how you publicise yourself. Whether it’s your brand voice, content, social media posts, or advocacy on a certain issue. At times, it can be confusing to remain consistent in terms of branding across all of these.

Here’s where digital marketing agencies can take control. They understand when and how to reach your audience using the right tools to deliver your message across. As their goal is to keep your brand consistent, they can map out your advertising plan coupled with the actions you need to take.

Utilising the power of storytelling and compelling case studies help build your brand. They help generate positive PR about your brand, which contributes to your visibility. Together with a consistent brand, you can build trust between your customers, who may become advocates of it as well.

Increases conversion rates and ROI

All your marketing efforts are geared towards the same end goal: to increase revenues. It’s why you’re continuously reaching new audiences, engaging loyal customers, creating valuable content, and the like. Increasing your conversion rates and ROI is the core purpose of your marketing efforts and a digital marketing agency ensures that happens.

An effective digital marketing strategy provides a steady flow of traffic being converted to leads with minimal effort and resource spent. But these agencies do more than just convert leads to customers, they offer increased ROI as well in terms of loyal customers. Through their campaigns, they can increase the lifetime value of your customers through upsells, upgrades, and repeat purchases.

Now that your business is going online, key milestones would involve increased sales, customer loyalty, and increased brand awareness. These goals can be achieved with an effective digital marketing strategy and stellar results can be achieved with a digital marketing agency.

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